Wicker Serving Tray w/ Dome Cover

Wicker Serving Tray w/ Dome Cover

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Keep flies out of picnic food or play peekaboo with treats with this woven rattan dome with a base. Use this two-piece set for fancy display or hide the goodies when company comes. Pair it with a platter for breakfast in bed. 

  • 14.5"d x 9.5"t
Additional Measurements
  • Tray: 14"d x 1.75"t
  • Top: 12.75"d x 6.5"t
  • Handle: 3" x 1.5"t
  • Wipe clean with a lint free, dry cloth.

A liner is not included but is needed for live plants to prevent water damage to the planter, furniture or flooring. Indoor or covered outdoor use only.